Embracing Digital Trust: How Nodle Enables Compliance with the European AI Act

3 min readJan 29, 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing our world, offering unprecedented opportunities for growth and innovation. Yet, it also presents new challenges to our fundamental rights as humans. The European Union’s response is the AI Act, a groundbreaking regulation aimed at safeguarding democracy and ensuring a balanced approach to AI development. The ambition of Europe is to set a global standard like with the GDPR, setting huge fines (up to 35 million euro or 7% of global turnover) if businesses do not comply.

For the Nodle community and its partners, this regulation opens a wealth of opportunities in the realm of Digital Trust.

AI Risk categories defined by the AI Act:

The AI Act classifies AI systems into distinct risk categories:

  • Unacceptable Risk: Systems that pose a clear threat, such as those capable of cognitive behavioral manipulation, will be prohibited in the EU.
  • High Risk: AI systems used in sensitive sectors, such as healthcare and education, must demonstrate compliance with stringent requirements, focusing on data quality, documentation, transparency, accuracy, and robustness. This is where we believe blockchain can help.
  • Limited Risk: AI systems that only present minimal risk will have minimal obligations, such as transparency about AI-generated content.
  • Generative AI: so-called “general purpose AI models” integrated in numerous AI systems.

Leveraging Nodle Blockchain for Compliance:

Nodle’s vision is to be a global digital trust network, helping to connect and verify reality.

The Nodle ContentSign solution verifies that media and data is authentic, using content attestation (C2PA) and a blockchain root of trust. This means that data entering an AI or being used to train a model can be verified as real. ContentSign can be used to additionally verify and digitally sign the outputs of these models, providing a robust solution for the AI Act’s compliance demands, particularly in traceability and documentation.

The Nodle blockchain’s transparent nature ensures that AI systems can be audited effectively, meeting the European Commission’s requirements for high-risk and generative AI systems by:

  • Helping to verify inputs are authentic.
  • Signing AI model outputs.
  • Ensuring data cannot be manipulated after it is generated.
  • Proving data has been created before a certain time.

Aditionally, new research is showing that AI models trained with even a small percent of fake or synthetic data can collapse the entire model. It is becoming more essential than ever for businesses to know the integrity of data they are ingesting and sending to 3rd parties.

Countering Fake News with Click Camera:

The European Commission considers that increasing users’ trust will increase the demand for AI used by companies and public authorities. At the same time, AI is used for generating more and more fake news. ContentSign is addressing the surge of AI-generated fake news with the Click camera app. The app fosters a first-of-its-kind digital trust network. It allows creators to automatically authenticate content as it is captured and publish verified photos and videos, safeguarding the integrity of information in the era of misinformation. The system is powered by the ContentSign SDK.

In practice, Click enables creators and consumers everywhere to easily create authentic content and publish truthful photos and videos via an immutable digital record. Authentic content can be shared with the world via a public blockchain that includes verifiable metadata and proves the integrity of data from its moment of capture. Click can be used by a variety of people including photographers, citizen journalists, reporters, influencers, sports fans, content creators and more.

Design the future of your digital Trust AI with Nodle

The AI Act is not only the first AI regulation; it represents a great opportunity to build trust in AI technologies. By leveraging Nodle’s blockchain solutions, businesses and individuals alike can navigate the complexities of AI regulation with confidence, ensuring that their AI systems are not only compliant but also champions of a more trustworthy Digital Future.




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