Former CEO of, a Leading Proponent of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Joins Nodle’s Board to Help Develop the Nodle Cash Ecosystem

“Nodle Cash is a manifestation of my background in blockchain and wireless — combined with the business model of tomorrow — where the user gets paid,” Rust said. “We started off with big telcos charging us a lot of money to communicate over the network. Along came IP, and all we did was pay for connection. With social media, we pay with our data. Nodle Cash is one of the first payment systems where you get paid for the data you provide which in turn allows businesses to improve their service.”

“We are excited to work more closely with Stefan Rust,” said Micha Benoliel, Nodle’s CEO and Co-Founder. “Stefan was an early advisor to Nodle, he will contribute a lot to our next evolution towards a fully decentralized architecture. Stefan brings a world of experience in developing ecosystems for decentralized networks and has made a career out of operating on the cutting edge.”



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