Getting the Nodle App Ready for Smart Missions

3 min readJan 16, 2024


Smart Missions will be a massive update to the Nodle Network this year and the Nodle app is getting ready for it. Here is everything new about the iOS version of the Nodle app:

  • The missions widget has been upgraded, providing timely alerts for nearby missions and indicating when none are active.
  • A newly designed mission list simplifies the tracking and handling of missions and rewards.
  • You now have the flexibility to start and stop your participation in the Nodle Network mission at your convenience.
  • The onboarding process has been streamlined, making it more straightforward, while engaging stories further enrich the user experience.

New Missions Interface

The missions widget on the map is evolving into a more dynamic and interactive tool. In addition to showing users’ daily rewards, it will soon alert them to new missions nearby as Smart Missions are fully integrated. It also notifies users when no active missions are available, such as when certain permissions are missing, signaling a pause in reward accumulation. A click on the widget reveals a detailed list of missions; however, as of now, only the solitary Nodle Network mission is accessible until the complete introduction of Smart Missions.

The mission list offers a clear and efficient way for users to track, manage, and view rewards for each mission. Detailed information about each mission can be readily accessed with a simple click on the chosen mission in the list.

Getting full control over the Nodle Network Mission

The upcoming update empowers users with enhanced control over the Nodle Network mission. They now have the flexibility to activate or deactivate the mission at their convenience, allowing for more effective management of their phone’s resources. Instead of needing to close the Nodle app or turn off Bluetooth or GPS services to stop the mission, users can simply access the Missions list and press the pause button. This redesigned interface offers a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.

In scenarios where permissions are missing, the Nodle Network mission will automatically pause. This status is clearly displayed on the map, indicating the absence of active missions and, as a result, the suspension of NODL token accrual. This streamlined functionality ensures users have a transparent understanding of the mission’s status for efficient management.

This improved control over the Nodle Network mission also facilitates users in using the Nodle app as a wallet for NODL tokens. They can easily pause the mission or choose never to accept it.

Streamlined Onboarding for New Users

To enhance the experience for new users, we have simplified the onboarding process. Users now only need to grant location permission to search for nearby missions. Initially, only the Nodle Network mission is available, but as Smart Missions are introduced, users can review the list of found missions and choose which ones to accept. Each mission will require specific permissions, empowering users to select the most suitable ones.

New and Informative Stories

As part of the onboarding experience, introductory stories have been reworked to provide new users with comprehensive insights into the Smart Missions concept, details about the Nodle Network mission, app configuration, wallet security, and more. Existing users can access these stories within the Nodle app settings.

What’s on the Horizon

Our commitment to the development of Smart Missions continues, ensuring that anyone on the Nodle Network can easily create and participate in these missions. Dive deeper into the Smart Missions initiative here. Stay tuned for more updates and innovations!




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