#Mainnet2021 NYC —“Polkadot: Bridging Crypto to the Real World, One Chain At a Time.” Nodle’s Session Video & Summary

Polkadot is the solution for this lack of interoperability between protocols.

Polkadot has upgraded the chain 25 times since launch and it’s only been launched for around a year, each one of these updates would have been of the scale that would require Ethereum to potentially fork the network.

“Nodle can unlock an immense amount of economic and societal value.”

We’re moving toward a future where a shipment can reach its destination, be verified on the blockchain, and the payment for that shipment can be sent through a smart contract instantly.

Jay Goldberg describes how anyone could be empowered to own their own network of weather stations.

A traditional system like this would cost billions of dollars and be very centralized compared to being built on Nodle.



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