Nodle Announces Bulk NFT Minting Tool for Communities and Events

6 min readAug 17, 2023


We are excited to announce the release of the new bulk NFT minting feature. This feature allows NODL token holders to easily mint multiple NFTs and distribute them using a new tool accessible from the Nodle Web Client, available from

Key Features:

  1. Bulk NFT Minting: With the new tool, users can mint multiple NFTs in a streamlined and efficient manner.
  2. Distribution Flexibility: Minted NFTs can be distributed to recipients using unique links or QR codes, making the process easy and convenient.
  3. Accessible to Non-Nodle Wallet Users: Recipients can get the NFTs even if they do not have a Nodle wallet or an app installed in advance. They can install the Nodle app at their convenience and use the link or QR code to retrieve the NFT.
  4. Controlled Claiming Process: Recipients have control over when they claim the NFT, initiating the process at their convenience.
  5. Automated Distribution: The JSON file generated at the end of the minting flow can be used to programmatically extract claiming links and automate NFT distribution through platforms with automated messaging capabilities.

Designed for creators

Unlike the standard Nodle app that is focused on personal use, this tool is specifically designed for NFT creators to distribute their works to a wider audience. To mint NFTs for personal collection, users should continue to use the Nodle app.

This tool significantly simplifies and accelerates the process of generating and distributing multiple NFTs. Once NFTs are minted, creators simply need to share a link or a QR code with the intended recipient. The recipient can then utilize the provided link or QR code to claim their NFT.

A particularly notable aspect of this new feature is that it enables anyone to receive an NFT, regardless of whether they already have the Nodle wallet and app. Upon receiving the link or QR code, they can then download the Nodle app, create a wallet, and claim their NFT. There’s no rush to do so, as the NFT will patiently await them until they are ready to claim it.

Behind the scenes

A key aspect of this new feature is the process of NFT claiming, a recipient-driven activity that allows for the initiation of the NFT transfer when they are ready.

To facilitate this, NFTs are initially minted into transient wallets. Information associated with these wallets, including public and private keys, is saved locally in a JSON file produced at the end of the minting process. The user who mints the NFTs must ensure that this JSON file is securely stored and not inadvertently made public.

Each transient wallet’s private key is subsequently shared with the recipient via a claiming link or QR code. Given that each NFT has its own transient wallet, it naturally has its own unique claiming link and QR code. Once this unique private link is clicked on or the QR code scanned, the private key is used by the app to transfer the NFT from the temporary wallet to the recipient’s wallet. The temporary wallet is then emptied and no longer has any use.

This method allows to:

  • Distribute NFTs with individuals who don’t have the Nodle wallet or app pre-installed
  • Give the recipient the power to start and oversee the NFT claiming process, ensuring they receive the correct content
  • Guarantee that each recipient will receive the intended NFT, unless the same links are distributed among multiple people. In such a scenario, the NFT will go to the first person to use the link or QR code.

Automated NFTs distribution

Upon the completion of the minting process, the user creating the NFTs will be presented with a JSON file. This file will contain information about the temporary wallets, NFT identifiers, and the respective claiming links. This file can be uploaded to the bulk NFT tool to generate the claiming QR codes or to facilitate easy access to all claiming links.

Alternatively, the JSON file can be utilized programmatically to extract the claiming links and automate their distribution. This functionality can conveniently be used to disseminate NFTs through email or other platforms with automated messaging capabilities.

Brand new applications of the Nodle network

The new minting tool unveils a wealth of new use cases for the Nodle network and chain, flawlessly integrating web3 into the tangible world. We believe this is is much larger than collectibles, allowing businesses and enterprise to build real world applications atop Nodle.

Use Case 1: Commemorative NFTs

Suppose an event organizer aims to offer a distinct web3 experience for attendees while preserving their event memories. In this scenario, the organizer could mint exclusive commemorative NFTs on the Nodle chain through the NFT minting tool. Upon ticket validation at the event, attendees receive individual QR codes to scan and obtain their commemorative NFT, serving as a testament to their participation. Or ambassadors tested this tool to easily make a unique participation NFT for our weekly call:

Use Case 2: Loyalty Programs

Suppose a brand aims to boost participation in its loyalty program by delivering a web3 experience to website visitors. The brand could mint distinctive NFTs on the Nodle chain and market them as perks for joining the loyalty program or subscribing to the newsletter. Once a visitor signs up for the program or newsletter, they receive an email containing a QR code to claim their NFT.

Use Case 3: Social Media Campaigns

Suppose an influencer aims to expand their social media following. They could launch a social media campaign and distribute a limited quantity of unique NFTs to new followers. By minting exclusive NFTs on the Nodle chain and launching a targeted advertisement detailing the campaign terms, they can attract more followers. Once the campaign concludes, the influencer can randomly select winners from the new subscribers and provide each one with a unique NFT claiming link.

How to use the new tool to mint NFTs?

  1. Access the NFT minting tool through the Nodle Client. Open the Nodle Client and navigate to the menu located in the top right corner and select “Mint and distribute NFTs.” Please note, that you don’t have to log in to the Nodle Client to access the minting tool.
  2. Click on “Mint NFTs” to initiate the minting process.
  3. Specify the quantity of NFTs you intend to mint and decide if you want to distribute a certain amount of NODL with each NFT. Please bear in mind that this specified amount will be deducted from your wallet
  4. Input the collection information and upload the corresponding image. This information will be presented to users before claiming the NFT, allowing you to provide additional details about the NFT.
  5. Input the specific NFT information and upload the associated image.
  6. The required amount of NODL for NFT minting will be displayed. Verify that your balance is sufficient before proceeding.
  7. Upload the wallet JSON file and enter your Polkadot password. Your JSON file can be downloaded from the Polkadot.JS Chrome extension. Open the extension, select the three dots adjacent to the account, and click the “Export Account” button.
  8. If you have never used Polkadot.JS, install it to your Chrome browser, click the plus button, and select “Import account from pre-existing seed.” Enter your 12-word recovery phrase (accessible in the Nodle app) and select “Nodle Parachain” as the Network. Input the account name and password. Subsequently, you will be able to export your JSON file.
  9. Wait until all NFTs are minted and download the JSON file containing temporary wallets and claiming links. Important: Ensure not to close your browser or the webpage until you have successfully obtained your JSON file.

How to distribute NFTs?

NFT distribution can be accomplished through the minting tool or by automating the process using a script to parse the JSON file.

To use the minting tool for distribution, please adhere to the following steps:

  1. Open the minting tool via the Nodle Client by navigating to the menu in the top right corner and selecting “Mint and distribute NFTs.”
  2. Click on “Distribute NFTs” to begin.
  3. Upload the JSON file, that you downloaded at the end of the minting flow.
  4. Once the file has been processed, a complete collection of NFTs will be displayed. Click on an NFT to view its QR code and show it to the recipient, or copy the claiming link and send it to the recipient.

The file can also be uploaded from a mobile browser, making it possible to conveniently share NFTs directly from a mobile device.

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