Nodle Cash Compatible With Hardware Wallet Ledger Nano, Thanks to Partnership With Zondax

At Nodle, the privacy and security of our users are a top priority. Having the ability to hold your crypto offline is the best way to protect your digital assets; thus we’re pleased to announce that Nodle Cash holders will soon have the ability to safely and securely store their Nodle Cash (NODL) in “cold storage” with popular hardware wallet Ledger Nano.

In the last few months, Zondax has developed and integrated the Nodle Chain into Ledger Nano S and X devices. This will be an ongoing strategic partnership with Zondax to develop and maintain Nodle’s hardware wallet integrations. The final version has been recently submitted to Ledger for review and publication.

Considering Zondax’s extensive experience within the Parity Technologies and the Polkadot eco-system, our goal is to bring Nodle Cash app Ledger compatibility to our growing community as soon as possible.

Up until now, Nodle Cash holders have only been able to store their tokens in the Nodle Cash app wallet or by using our web wallet at, so we’re excited to offer this functionality to our hodlers for offline cold storage.

Zondax’s expertise combined with the security level provided by Ledger devices will ensure that Nodle users can benefit from this best-in-class solution to protect their crypto assets, allowing staking services, and other features.

To better understand how the Ledger hardware wallet works, visit their website or this link.

About Nodle | The Citizen Network™:

Nodle is building the largest decentralized wireless network on Earth to connect objects and sensors that could never be connected before in a secure, low-cost, and eco-friendly manner. The network is powered by millions of Bluetooth-enabled smartphone users who earn Nodle Cash for providing connectivity to nearby Bluetooth-enabled IoT devices and sensors. App developers and publishers have the opportunity to monetize their applications via the Nodle networking library which enables them to generate Nodle Cash for helping the network grow. Nodle’s powerful, privacy-first IoT stack allows for many use cases including connecting and securing physical assets, tracking lost or valuable items, capturing sensor data, security certificates, providing decision-making insights for consumer electronics manufacturers, enterprises, smart cities, and the finance industry, and much more.

Download the Nodle Cash app on iOS or Android, and start earning crypto for free on your smartphone. It’s eco-friendly, with no hardware to purchase.

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About Zondax

Zondax is a blockchain engineering company composed of engineers, software developers, and cryptographers with diverse technical backgrounds. The company has helped over 40 top blockchain projects in different stages of the development cycle. While always expanding into new innovative areas, Zondax is already recognized for its software for HSMs and hardware wallets as well as other protocol-level blockchain solutions and integrations. If you’d like to know more about Zondax, please visit their Github or website.

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