Nodle Chain is LIVE on Mainnet!

Our new chain, the Nodle Chain—dedicated to the Internet of Things—is LIVE.

Unlike other IoT blockchains, the Nodle Chain focuses on features that truly enhance the landscape of IoT by introducing a set of tools that will play a major part in privacy, decentralized identity and micropayments.

If you’ve read previous posts, we had started to build out our network using the Stellar Blockchain; however with the rapid growth we experienced (including processing 1.2M transactions per day), moving to the Nodle Chain will better support our original White Paper goals.

The Nodle Chain is built on Parity Substrate, a web application framework made for building distributed or decentralized systems such as cryptocurrencies.

Among the first features we’re rolling out:

  • A robust Identity System; where users can set names for their own accounts. You’ll see huge improvements in UX and usability of the Nodle Cash app and the Nodle Chain compared to other networks in general. For reference

Additional Features

  • The Nodle Chain is supported by an innovative governance model which we can extend upon.

For reference

How Coin Generation Works

  1. Nearby Bluetooth data packets collected by users auto-send to the Nodle Network.

What’s On-Chain and Off-Chain

  • Nodle Cash rewards are on-chain, but rely on off-chain data and proofs.



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