Nodle Network Reaches 1 Million Token Holders On-chain and 100,000 Daily Active Users with Nodle Wallet

2 min readMar 9, 2024


Launch of the Click App public beta ahead of SXSW at Shack15 in San Francisco.

Nodle, a leader in the blockchain and DePiN space, has reached a significant milestone — it now has over 1 million token holders on-chain and is on track to adding an impressive 100,000+ new token holders every month. The current total number of daily active users of the Nodle Wallet App has grown to over 100,000.

Nodle is also distributing over $250,000 every month to its user base via the Nodle Foundation Oracle.These accomplishments not only highlight a growing interest in Nodle but also underscore the enthusiasm and engagement of its community.

Key Factors Driving Adoption

The recent surge in Nodle’s adoption can be attributed to several factors, (1) notably the resurgence of the bull market, (2) the launch of the Click camera app, and (3) Nodle’s new Ethereum rollup that was launched on testnet last week. This groundbreaking technology has resonated deeply with a diverse array of stakeholders, including developers, investors, users and enthusiasts, all of whom realize Nodle’s transformative potential within the IoT and mobile landscape.

Looking Ahead: A Blockchain Enabled Future Built on Digital Trust

The Click camera app, powered by the Nodle Network, is a great example of what can be built on the Nodle Network. It enables anyone to capture authentic videos and images, subsequently pushing records on-chain and the media content on IPFS.

The critical importance of distinguishing between what’s real, fabricated, or simply outdated in today’s information landscape, makes Click a vehicle for social good. As a result, innovative on-chain solutions like Click are driving increased interest and adoption from content creators and influencers, journalists and researchers — or anyone joining the fight against the spread of misinformation and deepfaking. Having a powerful tool at their disposal, enabling them to publish their authentic content on any social media platform, messenger or website is critical in their content strategy (with their fans and followers).

By harnessing the power of on-chain records to prove time, and the power of a decentralized mobile network to prove location, Nodle expects to drive even more adoption. The recent launch of the Click App in public beta charts a course towards a future with more authentic media content. A future that will enable authenticity as one of the internet primitives.

The Nodle Network has reached 1M token holders, 100K daily active users and $250K distributed monthly to Nodle users.




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