The Nodle M1 Wins “Enterprise Wearable Device of the Year”

We’re proud to announce that our new smart wearable device, the Nodle M1, has been given the Platinum Award for “Enterprise Wearable of the Year” by Juniper Networks for their 2020 Future Digital Awards for Technology and Innovation.

“Juniper awarded the Nodle M1, our Enterprise Wearable of Year prize for its impact on companies looking to better protect employees and maintain safe business operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

— Elson Sutanto, Principal Analyst, Juniper Research

About the Nodle M1

Nodle’s, non-profit foundation Coalition Network, and leading global technology solutions company Avnet (NASDAQ AVT) partnered to develop a privacy-first, high accuracy personal safety device to help businesses reopen, and dramatically mitigate risks of future shutdowns.

The Nodle M1 gently buzzes employees to keep them socially distanced (think cellphone vibration), and empowers operational HR departments to rapidly respond and notify employees if they have been in contact or interacted with another employee who has tested positive for COVID-19. (see previous press release).

Evaluation process

The approximate 3,000 entries are initially assessed by a Juniper Research analyst panel, which then draws up a shortlist of potential winners based on a number of criteria, including: Product Innovation, Features and Benefits, Product Partnerships, Certification & Compliance, and Future Business Prospects. These shortlists are then assessed and scored according to a rigorous set of criteria and verified by our team of experts. At the end of this process, final winners are agreed upon and confirmed by our Juniper Research judging panel. (Source: Juniper Research)

To view the Juniper Research press release:

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