You can now use Wallet Connect to login to the Web with your Nodle app

3 min readNov 2, 2023


After listening to the feedback from many advanced users, we are happy to introduce a new way to connect to your Nodle wallet on the web without having to import your 12 word mnemonics in a browser extension. We have implemented the Wallet Connect protocol, and you can now use your Nodle App to connect to the Nodle Web client interface, at in a private, secure, and decentralized way.

Enjoy your wallet with a larger screen

WalletConnect is a decentralized protocol that allows for secure communication between dApps and your mobile wallet. The Nodle app now supports WalletConnect, offering you a seamless experience when logging into the Nodle web client.

With WalletConnect, you can easily log into the Nodle Web Client using the latest version of the Nodle App and view your balance or NFTs on a larger desktop screen. This efficient process not only saves time but also enhances the app’s accessibility, especially if you’re new to blockchain.

Moreover, WalletConnect’s security features, like QR codes and end-to-end encryption, safeguard your private keys and ensure that your transactions are carried out safely and effectively, without the need to expose your private keys to the potentially hazardous environment of the web browser.

Just scan a QR code

You can now select the “Connect with the Nodle app” option when logging into the Nodle Web Client. A QR code will appear.

Scan it with the Nodle App, and you’ll be prompted to accept the sign-in. This initiates a private and secure interaction between your phone and browser.

Your account balance, NFTs, transactions, and all other wallet details will be displayed on the desktop-friendly interface of the Web Client.

If you decide to carry out a transaction on the Web Client, like sending NODL tokens to a friend, you’ll be notified on your mobile Nodle app to validate and sign this transaction. Once you approve, the transaction is signed locally on your phone and then forwarded to the Web Client for submission on-chain.

Who’s this for?

This feature can be used today by any user with an updated version of the Nodle App. While the Nodle Web Client is the first web application compatible with Wallet Connect, we expect to support Wallet Connect in any future integrations made by the team behind Nodle. We stand ready to work with the Nodle and Polkadot ecosystems to ensure other projects can support Wallet Connect and the Nodle App easily.




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