Unlocking a Year of Nodle: A 2023 Recap

5 min readDec 22, 2023


As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s a moment of reflection and celebration for the Nodle community. The year witnessed an impressive growth of the Nodle Network and the Nodle Chain. Let’s take a look at the impressive numbers of the ecosystem growth.

In 2023, the Nodle Network experienced remarkable growth, boasting a vibrant ecosystem of 1.172 million active nodes spread across 225 countries. The network was extended to 6,600 cities worldwide, creating a truly global presence. To sustain the network’s growth and guarantee its constant availability, 115.22 million NODL tokens were distributed as rewards among network nodes.

Over the course of 2023, 303.55K new wallets were created on the Nodle Chain, resulting in 707.8K token holders by the end of the year.

One of the key highlights of 2023 was the introduction of the NFT minting feature in the Nodle app. This groundbreaking addition allowed users to mint 42,100 NFTs, unleashing a wave of creativity and digital ownership within the Nodle ecosystem. The adoption of NFTs further with the unveiling of the NFT minting tool, providing a seamless way to craft and distribute unique NFT collections.

A total of 41.83M transactions involving the NODL token were submitted on the Nodle Chain. This extraordinary transaction volume underscores the active engagement and tangible utility of the Nodle network throughout the year.

In the dynamic landscape of technological innovation, the Nodle team has been hard at work, introducing a slew of new apps, tools, and features to enhance the Nodle experience. Let’s delve into the remarkable progress made by the team throughout the year.

New Apps

The Nodle Hotspot app stands as a transformative solution, breathing new life into retired smartphones. By converting these devices into hotspots, the app contributes significantly to powering the Internet of Things (IoT) and enabling groundbreaking real-world applications. Installed on dedicated, stationary devices, the Nodle Hotspot app serves as a reliable, continuous source of connectivity for the Nodle Network. Learn more here.

Enter Click, the world’s first digital trust network designed to authenticate content and combat misinformation and fake news. Leveraging ContentSign technology and blockchain, Click verifies the authenticity of content, confirming its occurrence at a specific location, time, and via a particular device and camera. Explore more here.

New Tools

Effectively manage your NODL wallet on the web with the Nodle Client. It allows viewing account balances and transaction histories, sending or receiving funds, claiming grants, and interacting with NFTs. Discover more here.

Revolutionizing the NFT landscape, the NFT minting tool empowers NODL token holders to effortlessly mint multiple NFTs and distribute them seamlessly, even to recipients without the NODL app. This tool opens up plenty of new use cases, seamlessly integrating web3 into the tangible world. Dive deeper here.

Embark on a visual journey with the Nodle Explorer, a map offering a graphical representation of Nodle Network nodes worldwide. It also furnishes detailed statistics on the network coverage, rewards, and token metrics. Explore more here.

Showcase your NFT collection and individual pieces with the world through the dedicated website, irrespective of whether your friends have the Nodle app installed. Don’t keep your NFTs hidden — let them shine!

Major Nodle App Features

The Nodle app’s navigation received a facelift, ensuring that all frequently used features are easily accessible. Learn more here.

Mint your NFT by capturing a photo within the Nodle app or selecting images from your library. Creating a unique digital collection is just a few clicks away, making NFT minting affordable for everyone. Follow the guide here.

Enjoy enhanced interaction with the ability to create a contact book containing public keys, names, and pictures. Sharing your contact card streamlines the process of adding new contacts, making it quick and easy. Read more here.

A revamped Stats screen provides greater transparency into your Nodle Network rewards. Three new charts offer insight into your node’s network contribution, displaying time availability, Bluetooth availability, and geographical coverage. Understand your contribution and reward calculation better here.

To provide more timely information, reward calculation frequency was reduced from every 4 hours to every 15 minutes. While rewards are still allocated every 4 hours, this change allowed for more frequent updates on upcoming reward amounts. Access this information conveniently in your wallet, alongside your balance and a list of rewards. Explore further here.

Seamlessly connect to the Nodle Web Client interface and approve transactions with a single click using the Nodle App. This feature ensures a private, secure, and decentralized transaction approval process. Learn more here.

Total Nodle App Updates

The Nodle team has rolled out a total of 23 updates for iOS and 26 updates for Android, solidifying their commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from Nodle in the future!




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